Homestyle Island Food on Big Pine Key, Florida

  • Breakfast

    We may rise late for Roosters (open at 9am) but it's worth the wait!  All of your regular favorites plus specials like Huevos Rancheros and Huevos Pescador (a Keys favorite!)

    Hot coffee, cold juice and fantastic food.  What better way to start your day!

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  • Lunch

    This is where the Rooster really starts to shine! Hearty food served in big portions to keep you going. The quality of our ingredients can't be beat, and you will know with every bite!

    Be it a quick burger, or a delicious Lobster Roll, you are in for a delicious break in your day.

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  • Dinner

    We'll say it.  There is no place around better for dinner.  Fresh seafood delivered daily, slow cooked ribs and our special recipe meatloaf are just a few.  Miss home cooking in the Keys?  No more!  Specials Daily too!

    Check out our menu and you will see what we mean!

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  • Delivery

    At last, Delivery!

    Living here for more than 20 years we have longed for more options for delivery.  Long days on the water, working around the house, or spending the day in Key West with relatives takes it out of you and sometimes you just want to stay in.  We have you covered!!!

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Always a Good Time!

There is only one reason we all come to the Keys, to enjoy ourselves. 

  • Great weather - Check
  • Lots to do - Check
  • Beautiful surrondings - Check
  • Great people - Check
  • Great food - Check, check, check

But for us that live here the unfortunate reality that we still have to pay those pesky bills.  Se we insist that if we HAVE to work, we are going to make that enjoyable as well!  We have a great group of people that work here, and a culture of fun, respect and professionalism.

And if we are having fun, there is no doubt you will too.

So if you are looking to enjoy yourself, have great food and a smile on your face when you leave, we will be waiting for you.

(if you are feeling a little grumpy today may we recommend take out?)

Amazing Quality

There are a lot of restaurants in the Keys.  Some are great, some are just OK.  We pride ourselves
on doing it right every time. Great Ingredients. Great Recipes. Great Service.

  • We purchase the highest quality food, we never cut corners. Unprocessed, grain fed, organic; whenever possible.
  • We have mutiple full time prep people preparing our food fresh every day.
  • We pay more than area restaurants to get the best staff.  We also provide a professional and positive enviornment.  We are very proud of our entire staff.
  • We use the latest technologies to get your order in faster, and provide the best possible service.

A strong commitment to our community

We love the Keys, we love the people, we love our visitors.

We have lived in the Keys for 20 years, specifically in the Big Pine area.  We have eaten in the building the Big Pine Rooster is in almost every day.  We have see what works and what does not and more importantly what people want.  We do our best to meet those needs.

Although we have been in the restaurant industry for over 30 years, we never looked to own a restaurant.  That was until we saw the Rooster was going to close.  Great people would be out of work, and the community would lose its greatest restaurant.  And we all know the fear of what on earth could take its place!

We are here for you. 
Let us know what you like (we always love to hear it) and what you would like to see changed. 
If you are ever not completely satisfied, please ask to speak to the manager who will do what we can to make it right.
We are committed to the highest standards and want the Rooster to be YOUR local community restaurant.

But please understand we are not only a business, but a business in a very hard place to be successful. 
We keep the food quality high, prices as low as we can, a happy well trained staff and we stay open for you during the slow times. 
Having your support in return is very important to us, and will help be sure we are here for you for a long time. 
Tell your friends, neighbors and visitors to join us for a great meal and we will do our part to be sure they thank you for the great recommendation!