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Quite possibly: The best restaurant in the Keys!

Why the Rooster

Quality Food

We go to the considerable extra expense of purchasing only high quality food and fresh fish.  If you think about it you can tell when you are getting highly processed cheap food, even when it is covered in sauces.  Our commitment to quality is why you will often hear guests say, "This is really good".

Great Staff

Working in a restaurant is a tough job.  Especially in the kitchen.  We trust the safety, quality and taste of our food to these great people.  This is not a place to look for cheap labor, or not treat them with the respect they deserve.  Our staff is paid well, highly trained, have great attitudes and do a great job.  They are really good people too.

Reasonable Prices

Many people who run restaurants look to cheap food and cheap labor to keep prices low.  Only highly experienced restaurant owners can use other means to keep costs lower.  We use every technique possible to keep prices low, but our main goal is to always keep quality food and service high.


Order Online!


PLEASE NOTE:  Due to Covid challenges, online ordering may be turned off if we are too busy.  This is necessary to be able to serve our in house guests and have delivery and pickup times be reasonable.


Try to order outside of the busy times of 11:30-1:30 and 5-7:30.


Please be kind to our staff during this tough time.  We have huge challenges we are overcoming every day just to stay in business.


Order delivery or pickup click here


We offer both delivery and pickup through our online menu and ordering system.  A credit card is required. 

Our advice:  Order carefully.  While your food leaves our building fresh and delicious, some food travels better than others.  A rare burger will often be medium by the time you eat it and fresh fish and fried food definately do not get better with time!


We look forward to serving you!


Big Pine Rooster