Homestyle Island Food on Big Pine Key, Florida



Cudjoe Key to Sunshine RV park!

(We will deliver to Upper Sugarloaf when available.  Please call in to ask)

The best delivery food in the Keys!

How to order Delivery

Check out our menu

Menu can be viewed here

Order by phone

Call us at 305-330-1330 between 11am and 9pm.  We will estimate the delivery time but please remember we are a full service restaurant that is often very busy.  Our in house guest come first, obviously.  If you are in a hurry during busy periods we recommend take out or dine in.

When the driver arrives

To be sure your food is fresh, we deconstruct some sandwiches and salads.  For example, the burger patty will be placed on the bottom of the go box, with the bun kept seperately and the lettuce and tomato wrapped.  Mayo, if requested, would be on the side. If you prefer for us not to do this, just ask when you call in.

Our delivery fee helps to cover the cost of our car, insurance, gas, etc.  It does not include a tip to your driver.  They are responsible to make sure your order is correct, get your food to you as quickly as possible and as safely as possible.  Please tip them accordingly.  Most people tip 10-20% and it is appreciated.


A relaible delivery service providing you the best food in the Lower Keys!

We live in the Keys so our home is not a place we look forward to getting out of, but a place we love coming home to.  What better to have the best food in the lower Keys delivered so you can enjoy a quiet afternoon or evening at home.

At work?  It seems jobs offer shorter and shorter lunch breaks.  This usually means the really good food, fresh prepared, cooked to order, is out of reach.  Not anymore!!!

We only use our own BPR registered and insured vehicle and drivers with clean driving records that respect our community. No corners cut here. We know you wouldn't expect any less from the Rooster.

Our delivery fee is from $5.00 to 10.00 (approximately $1.00 a mile with a $5 minimun.)

Delivery App coming soon!!!


We are part of you, and you are part of us.
We look forward to serving you.


Big Pine Rooster